Optimum Out of the Box (OOB) Customization

Get the most out of your investment with a no code solution implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will help you establish a strong market position, improve productivity and gurantee profitability.

Platform Extension with Custom Devlopment

As with any application platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has inherent limitations. Go beyond the limits of the OOB customization with custom business logic that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to extend the standard behavior of the platform.

Empower Employees, Customers, and Partners

Empower your employees, customers, and partners with self service access to information, support through Power Apps and CRM Portals to enhance your business operations and increase customer satisfaction.

System Integration

Our integration methodologies offer optimized data migration and synchronization solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack - .NET, SSIS, and SQL Server, and Azure to extend your CRM implementation.

Technology Training

The MidPoint Technology Institute offers effective comprehensive program that combines hands-on classroom training, out of classroom support, internship that gives you a chance to practice what you learned in the classroom on a real world project alongside seasoned professionals who would mentor and challenge you, provide guidance in creating your resume, and connecting you with recruiting firms to enhance your job search.

Who We Are

MidPoint Technology Solutions LLC is an innovative full service provider of IT solutions that bring precise IT solutions to critical business needs, in the public and private sectors. Whether mission critical, enterprise solutions or process improvement, the core element of the IT solutions we provide are functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our expertise speaks for itself, through the work we do and the success we help our clients and customers achieve, year after year. Let MidPoint help you establish a strong warket position, prudent IT solutions,improve productivity, and gurantee profitability.

What We Are

  • Agile - quick and effective response in providing solutions to a client's needs
  • Flexible - adaptative and disciplined project management process
  • Innovative - collaborative approach in total solutions provision
  • Responsive - highly organized team that delivers rapid and effective solutions

About Us

MidPoint Technology Solutions is an division of Amarac Technologies Incorported, international IT company with presence in North America, Asia, And Africa, specializing in custom applications that bring precise IT solutions to critical business needs. Whether mission critical or process improvement, the core element of the IT solutions we provide is functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Responsiveness, agility and flexiblity are the virtues that guide MidPoint in structuring IT services to meet unique business needs.

MidPoint is all about Dynamics CRM implementation; it's the only we do. That singular focus and specialization makes us very good at all things Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Get more from your Dynamics 2016 or D365 CRM application by taking advantage of out 80/20 implementation model to extend your business capabilities. As with any application platform, with predefined customization options, there are inherent limitations, you can only go so far with OOB customization.

Hence, as good as the platform is, it sometimes falls short in meeting that unique individual need of an organization. This is where customization and extensibility take over the job of giving you a bigger bang for your buck. Our customized integration systems, is designed for specific needs and built on the best technologies, web services, windows services, database synchronization, enterprise messaging systems (EMS), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), etc.

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