Solution Development and Digital Transformation

Whether building, migrating, or modernizing your application, Amarac will help you achieve your goal in a cost effective way. Digital Transformation is inevitable for any business to survive and thrive in this day and age. We will help you develop solutions that can help you address this critical and transformative change. Our innovation lab will help you discover and uncover needs and opportunities, build solutions that can unlock value for you and improve your business bottomline.

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

As a Microsoft partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Amarac works with clients to gain deeper insight into their business and develop solustions tailored to meet thier secific business needs through efficient application of the Microsoft online and managed services, including Azure and Office 365. Our Cloud Business Applications program is run by professionals with many years of experience, deep knowledge and expertise in the deployment and management of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

App Dev and DevOps Solutions

As a Microsoft partner, Amarac specilizes in developing custom applications that leverage the Microsoft technology platforms, Azure, Power platform and the core platforms. With a deep talent pool of our employees certified on these platforms, we bring expertise and experience necessary to create effective solutions. Amarac provides Azure DevOps services to establish continuousous integration and continuous deployment to achieve improved software delivery, by meeting the three key elements of project management; cost, quality, and time. Our expertise covers applications developed on the Azure, .NET platform, Power platform, integrated with code quality platforms, including SonarCloud and sonarQube.

Application Integration

Our integration methodologies offer optimized data migration and synchronization solutions built on the Microsoft technology stack - .NET, SSIS, and SQL Server, and Azure

Amarac University

Amarac is growing as a leader in practical remedial training in IT. In partnership with MidPoint Technology Institute, Amarac provides a rich curricular of hands-on training, intership, and mentoring in Microsoft technology platforms, such as Office 365, Power Platfrom, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Online, etc.


Helps to protect applications and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Helps you develop an effective cybersecurity posture (policy and process) to comply with privacy and security regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS for cybersecurity compliance and other regulations and standards, such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, etc.

Global Initiatives

Universal Data Access Program (UDAP) — an initiative to digitize data to make data easily accessible and moitize data to drive innovation and economic growth and Zero Mortality Maternity — Reduction/elimination of death of mother or child during childbirth through improved community program delivered at the grassroots through virtual and visual aide.

Who We Are

Amarac Technologies Incorporated is an innovative full service provider of IT solutions that bring precise IT solutions to critical business needs, in the public and private sectors. Whether mission critical, enterprise solutions or process improvement, the core element of the IT solutions we provide are functionality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our expertise speaks for itself, through the work we do and the success we help our clients and customers achieve, year after year. Let Amarac help you establish a strong warket position, prudent IT solutions,improve productivity, and gurantee profitability.

What We Are

  • Agile - quick and effective response in providing solutions to a client's needs
  • Flexible - adaptative and disciplined project management process
  • Innovative - collaborative approach in total solutions provision
  • Responsive - highly organized team that delivers rapid and effective solutions

About Us

AMARAC TEHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED is a forward looking and critical thinking company dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions to clients and customers in the private and public sectors. With a vast experience in business and technology, we have the necessary acumen in business process and the application of technology to create effective solutions that address business needs including process automation, data monetization, application/data security for line of business applications.

Amarac is a Microsoft partner, specializing in build applications on the core Microsoft technology platforms — Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Power BI, SQL Server, .NET/IIS, and Azure. For nearly 30 years, we have effectively leveraged Microsoft leading technology platforms to create software solutions for the healthcare, manufacturing, judiciary, education, and risk management organizations.

Amarac has strategic partnership with other organizations in the IT space in collaborative innovations that have been on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery, which have been adopted in three continents (America, Asia, and Africa), from electronic medical record systems to improve the process of healthcare deliver—reduce waste, reduce cost, eliminate overall inefficiency and fraud, avoid the challenges of inadequate and costly traditional infrastructure, especially in the emerging economies.

Amarac Core Service Areas

Enterprise Solution Architecture

As a core component of the enterprise architecture, a good IT solution architecture is critical in the success of any organization.

An enterprise architecture is an organization’s understanding of itself. When done right, this rigorous and comprehensive analysis of an organization helps it clearly understand its goals, business functions, business processes, roles, organizational structures, business information, software applications and computer systems.

This is essential in the growth and success of any organization. We understand this and help organizations understand it too; leverage the power of this critical knowledge to achieve great successes. Amarac’s approach is driven by the prudence that comes from knowledge and experience— knowledge of technology and experience that disposes us to listen and understand our clients' specific business needs and to provide them with technology that meets those needs cost effectively.

Software Development

Amarac specializes in business application development built on the Microsoft tech stack: .NET Framework, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Power Platform, and Azure. We build LOB applications that run on traditional data centers or on the Cloud.

Whether you are in need of a corporate website, Ecommerce solution, CRM system, custom solutions or process automation, Amarac Technology is well positioned to serve you with expertise and dedication.

Every project — full life cycle or enhancement, comes with a pre-development assessment, clear development road map, and guaranteed deliverables.

System Integration & Cloud Computing

Get more from your O365 business productivity tools. We transform this popular suite of tools into a platform for innovation; a launch pad to greater business capabilities.

Leverage the power of the Azure Cloud platform and rid your operations of the traditional inhibitors to business growth - infrastructural limitations to agility and scalability. Amarac helps you identify and adopt the right cloud solution for you SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS to run your business more efficietly.

Step into the future of business computing - Azure cloud computing, with ease and confidence. Let us help you increase your capabilities, with custom applications built on the popular Microsoft App Service and more.

Whether you are in need of Accounting & Finance, Customer Management, Document Management, Education, Productivity, Sales & Marketing, Workflow solutions, Amarac will help you integrate affordable Microsoft Marketplace solutions' offerings or your custom apps with other systems in your organization.

Data Digitization & Monitization

In the twenty first century - the information age, data has replaced gold or crude oil as is king economic resource in the market place. Whether a business organization or a country, those who can digitize and monitize data thrive, as data drives virtually all aspects of live now and in the forseable future. Increasingly, the service sector is becoming the main engine driving economic growth. Get more out of your data and grow your business or your economy. Turn the creativity of your people loose by giving them easy access to data and drive innovation to power your business or your economy.

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