Gary N, Montgomery IL

My background is in logistics and I was a manager for many tears before I got laid off. I spent a couple of years looking for a job, but couldn't find any, bounced around quite a bit, subbing in high schools, which wasn't exactly a career one can depend on. Before enrolling in this course, I new nothing about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Power BI, or DevOps. Over the past few months, I have learned a lot and I ready and excited for a new career, one with great prospects to say the least.

The instructor is dedicated, patient, very experienced and knowledgeable and will teach you the skills you need for the actual job, through hands-on in and out of classroom training, not PowerPoint slides. I can call him anytime, day or night, and he share my screen to demonstrate what I need, whether it is to answer a question or overcome a challenge - an error in my code or something I may be doing incorrectly.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a career change or beginning a professional career.

Tony I, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

This program has been transformative for me. Before embarking on it I knew very little about IT and nothing about any of the platforms it teaches. Now, I can confidently customize the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, write SQL queries, create Power Bi report and visualization, and work effectively in agile team. The instruct is a good and patient teacher. He makes concepts easy to understand, using simple and effective illustrations to explain things.

Even though I live in Canada and took this course remotely, it was no less hands-on and it felt like I was sitting right next to the instructor, who patiently explained each topic and steps during normal class sessions and whenever I called him with a question or problem. I rate this program very highly and highly recommend it anyone one still in college or graduated but don't really have no clear direction for a career in field very relevant now and in the future.

Kaycee E, Plainfield IL

This is a great program and highly recommend it. What I like most about it is that you are not only thought the skills to be successful, you are actually prepared for the job market with internship and mentoring that gives you a chance to work on real world projects nd alongside people who have been doing the work for many years and really good at it.

Sam O, Aurora IL

As a college student, I found this course immensely beneficial. It is a flexible class that allows for different schedules while learning skills that can easily translate into work experience. The instructor is experienced with the subject material and the expectations of the work environment, preparing the trained for a CRM-centered career.

If there was anything I appreciated the most, it is how smooth the skills learned translate into plans and practices that can be applied in the workforce, albeit with workloads conducive for training simulations. Anyone looking to quickly learn skills that can help them acquire a promising profession, be it a fresh graduate or an experienced worker in transit between jobs, would definitely benefit from this course.